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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

True Butterflies Foundation has been established since 2017 as a means of providing support to all who have gone through the trauma of domestic abuse. We have developed specialized programs to help those affected to deal with the traumatic experiences of domestic abuse.

True Butterflies Foundation is an organization based in Cornwall, England. We provide a safe space and a range of services for anyone who has experienced domestic violence and abuse. Since 2017, we’ve been working towards the goal of ending emotional and physical crises in the community at large by supporting victims and guiding them towards a place where they are able to move forward with their lives, free from abuse.

Our Services

 True Butterflies Foundation is here to support you. If you or someone you know has gone through domestic abuse and is in need of help or support, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. With years of experience and highly trained staff, our sole purpose is to relieve trauma so that survivors can move forward in good health surrounded by a compassionate community.

True Butterflies Foundation offer support to survivors of domestic abuse and their families. Our aim is to support, help rebuild and empower individuals and families to move forward.

The support we offer

Mentoring for adults

Our support begins with our fantastic mentoring team. All individuals and families have the choice of having their own mentor.
Our fully trained mentors are here to support you through every step of your journey. Whether that be online, phone or one to one, the support is built around what you need.
Your personal mentor will go through a plan tailored to you, to find out what support you and your family need, this could be focussed support, mentoring, therapies or group work, It gives us a plan to work with you and know how best we can support you.
Your mentor can offer support leading up to and during the court process by arranging pre-trial visits, liaising with the Witness Service to arrange special measures in the form of screens, separate entrance from the defendant, support whilst giving evidence and a separate waiting area to ensure you don’t have to wait in the same area as the defendant.
We will support you every step of the way and answer any questions you may have about the process. 
'The meetings with my mentor help me release my feelings, I'm learning more about myself'
True Butterflies foundation client

Mentoring for Children

Mentoring for children is their to give the children a safe independant person to talk to. Our support is aim focussed and concentrates on increasing children's recognition of their feelings, helping to explain their feelings, validating their feelings and building strategies to express their feelings. ​We have recently introduced our emotional mentoring program, which can also be offer to children. 

Therapy for Adults

At True Butterflies Foundation, we offer person centred therapy. This is when a counsellor works to understand an individual's experience from their point of view. The counsellor positively value the client as a person in all aspects of their humanity, while aiming to be open and genuine. This is vital to helping an individual feel accepted and have better understanding of their own feelings - essentially helping them to reconnect with their inner values and sense of self-worth. This re-connection with their inner resources enables them to find their own way to move forward.


Therapy for children

We assess what kind of therapy will work best for each child dependant of the findings from their assessment. We offer a range of therapies from person centred, drama, art and play. 


We also offer group work for adults and children, for support please send us a referral request or email us.

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