Cosplay  Therapeutic Workshop

workshop 5c4
workshop5 starwars
stormtrooper plans
Cosplay workshop 4d
meeting the cosplayers
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workshop 5b5
workshop 5q
Cosplay workshop 4l
making the cosplay
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Cosplay workshop 4

We our in our second year of Cosplay workshops.

 The workshops are held once a month on the run up to our Comic and movie fest in Falmouth this August.

The workshops are run and designed by True Butterflies Foundation, with the help and advice of brilliant cos players, film experts and artists. 

This gives any child interested in cosplay and film a chance to immerse into their imagination and create props, costumes and also the opportunity to learn how to create short films. The workshops give children  a space to mix with like minded peers,  to talk and be creative.

There will be the opportunity to have their work exhibited at the comic and movie fest!

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