Person centred counselling

At True Butterflies Foundation, we offer person centred therapy. This is when a counsellor works to understand an individual's experience from their point of view. The counsellor positively value the client as a person in all aspects of their humanity, while aiming to be open and genuine. This is vital to helping an individual feel accepted and better understand their own feelings - essentially helping them to reconnect with their inner values and sense of self-worth. This reconnection with their inner resources enables them to find their own way to move forward.

We have funded sessions available, to book or recieve more information, please send us a referral request or email us.

'Very happy with   my    therapy, I am finding it so helpful working with my counsellor'

                                                                                                                                                                                         True Butterflies  Foundation client

'I feel listened to, that is    really important to me'

   True Butterflies  Foundation client

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