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The Cosplay & Theatrical workshops


Our Cosplay & Theatrical workshops.

Are an eight-sessional programme aimed for children who have experienced trauma. The program has been developed to offer a safe, therapeutic, playful, and creative space for children. In this programme, children can explore, in a non-threatening way, the issues they’ve faced, or they can process difficulties they may have experienced.

The aims of the workshop are to help children improve their emotional, mental health and well-being, as well as to help them build their own resilience and sense of hope. The programme explores the themes of cosplay, The Cosplay workshops provides an environment that is both safe and fun. Through the eight sessions, children learn about their need to have a sense of well-being and what resources they have to meet this need. They are also given the space to explore and express difficulties.  Each child can choose any character they would like to be, whether that be from a book, comic, movie or imagination, our team of professional cosplayers and costumers with mentors and counsellors, set to work helping them to bring the costume to life and create it to wear if they choose,

The sessions are designed to help the children with the development of social and life skills. The programme also uses fabrics, materials, and props.

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