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About the True Butterflies Foundation

Hello, my name is Angela Lowe,

I am the founder of True Butterflies Foundation. 

I started True Butterflies Foundation as I am a survivor of domestic abuse myself. 

When I fled from my abuser I felt frightened, alone and isolated. I wanted to find a way of talking to other survivors and share our experiences with people who understand. At that point I was too afraid to go to a group, so online was the first step. I opened the True Butterflies group on social media and everything grew from there. 

I have spoken to some truly inspirational people that helped me grow in strength to go forward.

In 2017 we became a non- profit organisation, we now help people throughout Cornwall as well as in other areas online. 

We have an amazing team of trained mentors and therapists to support people on their journey 

We have proudly held our charity status now for two years,

 we now have many ways in which we can support and I am very proud of what we have achieved. 

Our aim is to help survivors and their families, it is a long road and can be a very difficult one, but with support along the way we want to give survivors hope and empower them to follow their own path moveing forward

Our Patrons


Natalie is a award winning cosplayer and has been on board with the cosplay workshops from the beginning. The support she has offered in the workshops has made some amazing changes to the children she has worked with.


I enjoy my time with the true butterflies workshops as I can see first hand the positive and uplifting effect our attendees experience. Having suffered years of abuse myself, I'm honoured to patron a charity that encourages self expression , creativity and actively builds confidence in the children, and their families. The difference I've witnessed is truly humbling, and I'm determined to ensure this valuable resource continues"

Ed is one of our fantastic cosplayers that supports our cosplay workshops, helping the children create and be whatever charecter they wish to be!

True Butterflies is very important to me - as a survivor of domestic violence myself, I've seen the immense redemptive power of therapy. The support of local charities is more important than ever nowadays to help the families, and children of those families that really need it. I'm pleased and proud to be able to work alongside and with True Butterflies to help give confidence and happiness back to those who have been affected by domestic violence and abuse, through Cosplay and working directly with the children.

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Alex has been a supporter of the charity from the first event we held, which was Comic and Movie Fest 2018. Alex is a blogger, his channel is The Distinguished Geek, he has been at all the workshops, documenting them for us and working with the children.

The True Butterflies are an amazing charity and I am very proud to be a patron for them. This charity is very close to my heart as I myself am a victim of child domestic violence, domestic violence and child abuse can impact dramatically on a person in different ways from mental health, confidence issues, low self-esteem and much more. I went through my adolescent years in to adult hood and to this day I have mental health issues, lack of confidence and low self-esteem, I only wish I had the support that the True Butterflies give when I was younger. Since joining the True Butterflies I have seen how much the children have benefited from the love and warmth and encouragement that this charity has given through the workshops, and the comic and movie fest event which they hold every year. The astounding part is that being part of the team and encouraging these children to come out of their shells, has had a spectacular outcome on my self, as it has helped me with my mental health, my confidence, and my low self-esteem. I hope you can attend the True Butterflies events and see first hand how amazing they are, and help support this fantastic rewarding Cornish Charity.


Rick has been a great supporter of the charity for a long time. He has done some amazing work at the Workshops and made a lasting difference to childrens lives he has helped. 


For me True Butterflies symbolises everything that should have been around for a long time for families who have been effected by Domestic Abuse. I only wish there was a service like this available when I needed to link in with people for support with my Son. Once the court and social care system had ‘completed their intervention’ and he was in my full time care we were left with no after care or follow up support. I felt very alone as a single Father at that time and often wondered if I was going to be enough to help him through. Fast forward a few years and I was linked in to True Butterflies as a person who had rebuilt our lives into a positive world full of selfless people. Myself and my Son along with Force for Charity came into True Butterflies to raise smiles and funds in our Star Wars costumes. This led to wanting to do more and became part of the Cosplay Workshops where I was able to give my creativity, care, compassion and importantly empathy to people that I myself relate to and now want to continue to be a person to others, that we didn’t have at our time of need. To see young people grow and thrive through adversity is a bittersweet honour, an honour I pledge my heart to through True Butterflies, going forward to reach out to others in future.

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